Unity Church of Truth – Toronto

A little bit of history…..The Unity movement began in 1889 and flourished due its teachings and methods. Our Toronto branch was established in 1914, and our teachings have remained faithful to Unity’s origin.

Abraham’s commitment to the ‘divine revelations’ he received, let to the formation of Judaism.

The Old Testament is a large collection of stories relating to the successes and failures of individuals and the nation of Israel, as a whole. When the people were faithful to the ‘enduring principles” understood by their forerunners, they thrived – individually and collectively. But, when they ignored the basic teachings, insisting that ‘they knew better,’ things fell-apart, both for individuals and for the Nation. 

After 700 years of misery, Jesus came, seeking to reawaken the people to what he called the “Truth” by telling them how to align themselves with the ‘enduring spiritual principles.’ Every so-called ‘miracle’ of Jesus was simply a ‘demonstration’ of what is possible. He assured them that “all things are possible” when a person thinks, feels, speaks and acts in harmony with the “Truth”. Remember his words, “The person who trusts me will not only do what I am doing but even greater things.” (John 14:12)

The ‘movement’ that came to be called “Christianity” arose rapidly because people learned to follow ‘spiritual principles’ and the ‘spiritual guidance’ they had received. Not surprisingly, Christianity, as an institution, soon lost most of the ‘spiritual vibrancy’ that had given it birth. 

1800 years later, Unity was among a relatively few bodies that showed ordinary people how to use ‘the Keys’ to re-open the door to mental and physical healing.

Dear Unity Church of Truth (UCOT) Spiritual Family, 

Thanks to you, and each and everyone of you, we are able and honored to carry-on Unity’s effective ‘message and methods’, of what Charles Fillmore (Unity’s Co-founder) referred to as “Practical Christianity.”

We want you to know how grateful we are for your active interest and generous support, in spirit and financially. The true value of our teachings cannot be measured but we personally know how much the teachings have resonated and enhanced our lives in the good times and through our challenging times.  In addition to these teachings being restorative, they also lift us into higher levels of consciousness and ever-increasing capabilities.  “With God, all things are possible!” 

It has been my pleasure to sign each and every one of your donation receipts which list your gifts throughout 2022.  Please know that we continue to hold you in our hearts and prayers.  You are important to us and we want the best for you.  May all that you give, continue to bless and multiply, all that you receive. 

We enthusiastically embrace 2023 with awe and wonder, with love and appreciation and we are grateful that you are with us! 

Love and blessings,

Rev. James Sherman, Deborah and your UCOT Directors