Philosophy & Principles


Here at Unity Church of Truth we embrace the paradigm of “Oneness” and not the paradigm of “Separation”.

Unity is open-ended and growth-oriented with an emphasis on practicality, i.e., “Practical Christianity”

Unity’s teachings are not prearranged into a set system

No single interpretation of Unity’s concepts is seen as “the last word”

  • We encourage people to regard themselves as “Truth Students”
  • Unity “students” are taught to seek what “rings true” for them
  • Unity “Truth Students” are urged to redefine and reformulate their beliefs throughout their lives


1. Our view of God.
2. Our view of the individual.
3. Our view of the relationship between God and the individual.

Our view of God can be summarized in our foundation statement: There is only one presence and one power in the universe, God the good, omnipotent. Though there are variations on this statement, the idea that God the good is the only power at work.

Our view of the individual is that God the good is individualized as the central core of every person’s being. All the elements that God is are focalized as the essence of the individual.

Our view of the relationship between God and the individual is that of unity, oneness. There is no place where God leaves off and the individual begins.

These three elements determine how and why we view Jesus in the way we do. They totally influence the way we approach prayer and meditation. They provide the rationale behind our approach to healing. They are the foundation that governs our understanding of prosperity. In fact, every single concept we teach has as its basis of logic our understanding of these three elements. Those who wish to know why Unity takes its particular approach on any given subject will understand why once they have this key.

Defines human beings as….

Physical entities who are divine by nature

Souls on an evolutionary journey

Capable of direct communication with God

What Unity Teaches

“Unity teaches three very simple ideas that no one will ever improve upon.

We teach that there is but one Presence and one Power in the universe, God, the Good, omnipotent.

We teach that every individual is a direct expression of this Presence and every individual has an unalterable relationship of oneness with this Presence.

Everything else that we teach is commentary on these ideas, instruction on how to rethink our individual experience based on these ideas, and how to deepen the awareness of our relationship of oneness with this Presence.

To remain a solid and practical catalyst to authentic, spiritual transformation, we will never stop talking about these ideas. We will only get better at doing it.” Rev. J Douglas Bottorff

Learn, grow, love, heal, laugh and pray…

Life is meant to be good!”