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Hospitality at Unity


Note  Hospitality will commence when we resume in-person services

Our hospitality team ladies have put together many fine treats and nourishment following our Sunday services. We are so grateful for their dedication, love and support that they continue to share with our ministry.

2021 Unity Sunday Hospitality Team

Duties Include:
• Arrive at 10:00 am for hospitality ‘set-up’
• Someone agrees to pick up ‘birthday cupcakes’ first Sunday of each month
• Contribution of finger food for the table
• Clean up following


Hospitality Team Leader – Ms. Sharon Sinclair

Week #1 “Birthday Sunday: All Team Members

Hospitality Team Ladies of Unity: Marlene, Cathlena, Sharon, Lucille, Lorna, Angela, Janet, Roslyn

Back-up Support
Yvonne J
Maureen M

As we have practiced in the past and very successfully… if you are not able to be on duty, kindly make arrangements to switch with someone from another group and/or recruit a subcongregant from our church.
Thank you!

Our Hospitality Team would like to extend a sincere thank you in advance to all of you who from time to time assist with tidying up after our gatherings and make contributions

Our Hospitality Team is a fun, vivacious and happy group. If being of service on our Unity Hospitality Team is of interest to you kindly let us know by email: or calling 416-487-3663

The Purpose of Fellowship is to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE

• Communion — sharing the Lord’s Supper together (1 Cor. 10:16)
• Contribution –sharing materially with one another (Rom. 15:26; 2 Cor. 8:3-4; 9:13; Phil. 4:15)
• Communication — sharing our faith with one another (Phile. 1:6)
• Community — sharing the whole of our lives with one another on a regular basis (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-35)

We, at Unity Church Toronto, give thanks and praise to the loving efforts and service that we gratefully receive from our Hospitality Team. Thank you, God!





Learn, grow, love, heal, laugh and pray…

Life is meant to be good!”