History of Unity Church

Unity Church of Truth first formed in Toronto: 1913

Unity Magazine: March 1914
Under Heading: “Notes from the Field”
“Mrs. Hunter Jones has established a Truth Center in Toronto with rooms at 61 College Street, where the metaphysical library is also conducted and where individual instruction & healing are given daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday morning services are at 11 o’clock and Tuesday evening lectures at 8 o’clock are held in Forester’s Hall 22 College Street. Mrs. Hunter-Jones is a native of Canada, but has spent many years in the Truth work on the Pacific coast for the past two years in Honolulu, H.I.)[i]

Unity Magazine: May 1914
Under Heading: “Notes from the Field”
“The Truth Center and Metaphysical Library of Toronto, Canada, has moved from 61 College Street to 185 Carlton Street where Mrs. M. Hunter-Jones may be found ready to minister to the needs of pupils and patients who come for Christian healing and teaching.”

Unity Magazine: February, March, April 1916
Under heading: “Where Unity Publications are sold”
Unity Truth Center, Forester’s Hall, 22 College Street (House at 22 College Street (1922) (before it was purchased by T. Eaton’s for store)

Foresters Hall, 22 College Street (1914-20)
Unity Magazine: May 1914
Under Heading: “Notes from the Field”
The Truth Center and Metaphysical Library of Toronto, Canada, has moved from 61 College Street to 185 Carlton Street where Mrs. M. M. Hunter-Jones may be found ready to minister to the needs of pupils and patients who come for Christian healing and teaching.

Unity Truth Center, 21 Thoburn Avenue
Unity Magazine: January 1916
Under heading: “Where Unity Publications are sold”

Unity Magazine: February, March, April 1916
Under heading: “Where Unity Publications are sold”
Unity Truth Center, Forester’s Hall, 22 College Street

Unity Magazine: May, June, July 1916
Under heading: “Where Unity Publications are sold”
New Thought Alliance, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Forester’s Hall, 22 College Street

Unity Magazine: May, June, July 1916
Under heading: “Where Unity Publications are sold”
New Thought Alliance, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Forester’s Hall, 22 College Street
Mr. Reginald Hawkey (wife Kay)

Weekly Unity: December 2, 1922
Under heading: “News Concerning Truth Centers in Other Cities”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – F. R. Hawkey, for two and a half years a student a Unity headquarters, has taken up the work in Toronto and announces the following regular meetings: Sundays, 7:00 p.m, services, in the school room of Elm Street Methodist Church and Wednesdays, 8:00 p.m. Truth study class at 32 King Street West, first floor.

Weekly Unity: December 8, 1923
Under heading: “News Concerning Truth Centers in Other Cities”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Toronto Unity Society announces that its Sunday evening service is now being held at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium at 41 Isabella Street. Other regular meetings are held at 53 College Street, as follows: Unity Sunday School, Sundays 11:00 a.m., Unity Business Men’s Club, second and fourth Fridays of each month 8:00 p.m.. Healing meetings, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Noonday prosperity meetings, daily. F. R. Hawkey, leader.

Weekly Unity: August 4, 1923
Under heading: “News Concerning Truth Centers in Other Cities”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Toronto Unity Center holds regular meetings, Sundays, 7:30 p.m. and Wednesdays, 8:00 p.m. at 32 King Street West. Reading room open daily except Sunday at 53 College Street. Unity literature on sale. F. R. Hawkey, leader.

Weekly Unity: November 22, 1924
Under heading: “News Concerning Truth Centers in Other Cities”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Unity Truth Center, 53 College Street announces the following classes: Bible class for adults and children, Sundays, 11:00 a.m. Young People’s Society, Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Class in metaphysics, Tuesdays, 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Healing meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.m. Women’s Auxiliary, Thursdays 2:30 p.m. Men’s Club, Fridays, 8 p.m. Sunday evening service, 7:30, 41 Isabella Street. F. R. Hawkey, leader.

Weekly Unity: September 6, 1931
Under heading: “News of Truth Centers”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – The Toronto Unity Truth Center, 765A Yonge Street announces the following activities: Sunday 11 a.m., metaphysical Bible interpretation and children’s Sunday school; 7:30 p.m. lecture. Wednesday, 8 p.m., healing meeting. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hawkey, leaders.

Weekly Unity: June 26, 1937
Under heading: “News of Truth Centers”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Toronto Unity Truth Center, Britnell Building, 765A Yonge Street, announces the following services: Sunday, 11 a.m., Sunday school and devotional service; 7:30 p.m. service. Wednesday, 8 p.m., healing meeting. Thursday, 8 p.m., class for advanced students. Second and fourth Friday of each month at 8 p.m., Good Words Club. Center open daily, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. except Saturday. Open Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hawkey, leaders.
Mr. Ralph Johnson

Weekly Unity: June 26, 1937
Under heading: “Field Activities”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Ralph E. Johnson, worker at Unity headquarters, will serve as guest speaker of the Toronto Unity Truth Center, 765A Yonge Street, from Wednesday, June 30 to Wednesday, July 28, inclusive. The services he will conduct are as follows: Sunday, 11 a.m., Unity devotional service; 7:30 p.m., series of lectures on “Four Keys to Heaven”. Tuesday, 2:30 p.m. lectures on “Will God Pay Bills?”. Tuesday and Thursday, 8 p.m., classes in “Discovering God”. Wednesday, 8 p.m., series of healing meetings on “The Healing Pool”.
In the month of September 1937 Mr. Orford invited Mr. Ralph Johnson, of Kansas City, to give a series of Truth lectures in Toronto,

Dr. Rev. Herbert J. Hunt -1937
Dr Hunt attended some of Toronto’s meetings and was asked to speak. Everyone enjoyed his addresses and he came to their meetings several times. (Information & excerpt from the letter of Mr. S. A. Keers – 1937 September) [i]”I found out that he had only one more year to go to Kansas City until he would be qualified to be recognized leader of a Centre.”The meetings were held at Forrester’s Hall, College Street and with quite a reasonable attendance from the first meeting. The following are some of the member who attended and were most interested and helpful and really made the meetings a blessing.

Mrs G Dunning Mrs Hagerman Mrs Collecott Mr & Mrs Lowe
Mr Orford Dr & Mrs Dunn Mr Edwards Mrs Solomon
Mrs Doran Mrs Dumond Mrs Russell Mrs Rogers
Mrs Ball Mr & Mrs Bradley Mrs Halbaus
Mrs Keers played the piano and I had the pleasure and privilege of leading.”

“One day, on the streets of Toronto, Mr Johnson met a minister of the United Church of Canada who had taken classes the previous summer at Unity in Kansas City. Mr Johnson explained that he had to return to Headquarters and would like him to take over the Unity Meetings. Dr Herbert Hunt agreed to do so. He began lecturing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until his term with St Enoch’s United Church was finished about one year later.” (Taken from letter of Mr. S.A. Keers)
“Several teas were sponsored at Dr Hunt’s residence to raise money to carry on the work. I had the privilege of helping to raise money singing at these functions.”

A large house was then located on St Clair Avenue, opposite Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. The name chosen was Unity School of Christianity but was later changed to Unity Church of Truth due to taxation of the Canadian Government.” “About two years later, owing to the increased congregation, a new location was established at the Masonic Hall, Eglinton Avenue E, near Yonge Street (now demolished). Weekly services were held in the basement of Laura Secord Store on Yonge Street, a few doors south of Eglinton Avenue.” (Excerpt from letter by Mr. S.A. Keers)

The Reverends Donald & Dorothy O’Connor 1944-1948


Mr and Mrs Donald O’Connor arrive from Unity Headquarters and took over the charge.

1943 saw the arrival of Dorothy and Donald O’Connor, Unity Church of Truth, 2249 Yonge Street, being their first Ministry.

1944 The O’Connors opened a downtown administration office at 17 Queen Street E., (The Confederation Life Building) Unity flourished under the leadership of Donald and Dorothy O’Connor and a large sum of money was accumulated to help build the present building. Among their efforts to get the message of Unity into the community, they used a morning radio programme and much advertising on placards on the public transit vehicles.

The Reverend Mary Dunning: 1948 – Husband: George
In 1948 Mary Dunning became the Minister of Unity Church of Truth.

The Reverend Mary Dunning officiates at Christening of Baby – 1965

Associate Ministers: George Dunning, William Deweiler-1959-1972,

Licensed Unity Teachers: Minnie Fowler, Ruth Fairbrother, Hilda Perigoe, Mildred Kennedy

Mary and George Dunning succeeded the O’Connors at 2249 Yonge Street.
Under Mary’s guidance the building fund (which had been initiated by the O’Connors) flourished.

The property at 2249 Yonge being sold by the owners, required Unity Church of Truth to relocate, which led to the purchase of the site of our present Unity Church at 173 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON.
“While Mary and George Dunning were located at the Masonic Temple on Eglinton the Board was guided to a vacant lot at 173 Eglington. They had not only the foresight but the faith to finance the purchase of this lot out of their own pockets. As we recollect, at that time, the Board was made up of Jack Andrews, Archie Halladay, Wally Waldruff, Al Wightman, along with Mary and George Dunning.

From the time of their purchase to the actual date of construction of the new church, the taxes for the lot were fully paid for by a large sign company who had a billboard on the property. We cannot recall the exact date of the new church construction but you will be able to get this from the cornerstone just inside the front doors.

From the time when the building fund was started the offerings began to pour in and while no appeal. was ever made, George Dunning would announce once a month that the building fund now stands at ?????” (Excerpt from letter of unknown source)”It was about this time that Len Washer and I were invited to serve on the Board, which was one of the most happy experiences of my career in that the most beautiful and peaceful atmosphere existed throughout every board meeting. Never a disturbing or inharmonious thought or word.

Finally the time arrived when we were guided to call in an architect to draw up plans for our new church. The company chosen was the firm of John B. Parkin (later to become one of the leading architects in both Canada and the United States). At our request they drew up plans for the complete church but in two parts. The first for a Garden floor only with the top floor to be added later.

As additional funds were now needed we employed the law firm of Salter Stappells and Reiley to prepare the necessary papers to enable us to put out a series of “Love Bonds” which were offered to be members at the going rate of interest at that time which was 5%.
These were quickly oversubscribed with the result that our original plan to build in two parts was scrapped and the entire church building was completed right down to the last chair. A most wonderful demonstration of faith, love, dedication and a prosperity consciousness.”(Excerpt from a letter written by William Detweiler)”They organized the building of our present church and invited Lowell Fillmore to place the cornerstone in 1954. Many people were skeptical about the sensibility of having a 500 seat auditorium without the people to fill it. They thought their way through this matter very carefully and in the end decided to have the building designed in a way that would allow it to be converted into office use should they desire to change locations one day. They have to be commended for their foresight because today the city has grown to the point that our church is located at the geographic center of Toronto.” (Excerpt from third unknown source.)

The construction of the church began: in the interim Sunday Services were conducted at the Masonic Temple at 5 Eglinton Avenue E until completion of the new church.

The ceremony of laying the cornerstone was officiated by Lowell Fillmore, the son of

173 Eglinton Avenue West
1953 Photo

This year saw the completion of Unity Church of Truth, Eglinton.and Mary and George Dunning continued in their Ministry and the in 1959, were joined by Bill Detwieller as an assistant Minister.

“The three of us had a wonderful association together for three beautiful years. Then in September of 1963 George Dunning made his transition. I then became Associate Minister with Mary Dunning. After several happy years together Mary decided she would enjoy semi-retirement. Upon our invitation Ed Rabel joined us in Toronto in a three-way Associate Ministry which lasted for four years until Ed was called back to the School as a member of the ministers training staff.”(Excerpt from a letter written by William Detweiler.)

Rev Ed Rabel – 1968 – 1972
Mary Dunning and Bill Detwieller were joined by Ed Rabel.
Ed left after four years to replace Dr Hunt as a teacher at Unity Village in Unity’s Ministerial School

Reverend Marlyn White – 1972-1975
Associate Minister: David Monument

Reverend James Sherman (August, 1975 – Present)
Reverend Ed Rabel,
Reverend Gary Jones (Markham),
Reverend Ed Rabel,
Reverend Carol Amos, Reverend Etta Ferrier,
Tia Couvion, Joe Bettencourt,
The late Reverend Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Aitkin (honorary assistant minister)
At the time that Reverend James Sherman arrived in Toronto, ON in 1975 there were only two Unity ministries in Ontario. They were the Toronto ministry founded in 1914 and the Unity Church in Windsor, ON founded by Eric Butterworth in 1950’s.

Reverend James Sherman developed a ‘unique concept’ for developing additional ministries in Ontario, Canada.
The concept was that Unity Toronto would utilize its financial resources to guarantee the financial success of new ministries. We placed the new ministries under our own corporate umbrella whereby a lawyer in our church Mr. Peter Libman worked with our minister (Reverend James Sherman) to establish a corporate structure and by-laws for any new ministry. Our church selected and hired the ministers that were to develop the new ministries with our backing, love and support. We covered their relocation expenses while guaranteeing their salaries during the start-up phase. A budget was developed and our Unity Church of Toronto guaranteed to meet any short-fall in the budget until the ministry was self-sustaining.

* Hamilton’s Christ Church Unity HAMILTON

was the first ministry developed by our Toronto church under Reverend James Sherman. The first minister that we hired under this model was Reverend Floyd Howard to develop a new ministry in Hamilton, ON. In the first 3 months the Hamilton ministry was financially self-sustaining thus becoming independent. Reverend Floyd Howard moved to another ministry in the U.S. who was followed by a minister who soon after left the ministry entirely. At that point, Unity Hamilton hired a former licensed teacher from our Toronto church, Ms. Elizabeth Aitken who developed the Hamilton ministry to phenomenal successes.

The Reverend Elizabeth “Betty” Aitken (very dear friend)
Our dear friend and Associate Minister made her transition on August 28, 2012 surrounded by her family and loved ones. Memorial service in honor and tribute to “Betty” at the Billings Court Continuing Care Center ‘Chapel’ 3700 Billings Court, Burlington, On, L7N 3N6 on September 4th, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

Rev. James Sherman (performed Rev. Betty Aiken’s Ordination service) who was committed to supporting ‘Betty’s’ celebrated and successful work officiated at Rev. Betty’s memorial service on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

* Kitchener’s Unity of Kitchener Church was the second ministry developed by this model.
Unity Kitchener

A Brief Synopsis:

Ronel and Cori Sinstead visited Unity Church Toronto one Sunday morning and introduced themselves to our Reverend James Sherman. They spoke of their aspirations to become ordained Unity ministers. They had previously formed and conducted a Religious Science Study Group which would require them to leave to pursue their Unity ministerial aspirations and asked Reverend James Sherman if he was interested in taking over the group and developing it into a Unity ministry. Following the model successfully used in Hamilton, ON the Board of Unity Church Toronto agreed to work with the existing group and offer the opportunity to build a Unity ministry in Kitchener. Subsequently the Kitchener group agreed. Unity Toronto set up the by-laws for the new Unity ministry; selected, hired, relocated The Reverends John & Jo Harris from Unity Village to Kitchener to assume leadership under the auspices of Unity Toronto with a guarantee that all basic ministry needs would be met by our church to whatever degree was necessary. Their success was stunning in that the Kitchener Unity Church group generated sufficient funds to require no additional financial support from Unity Toronto after the first month. [NOTE:]/b] The Reverend James Sherman, who at that time was on the International Board of Unity Churches actively worked on behalf of Ronal & Cori Sinstead to enter the Unity Ministerial school and fulfill their dreams.

In Rev. Cori Sinstead’s own words
My experience with Unity Church of Truth, Toronto goes back to the early 70’s. My husband, Ronel Sinstead had incorporated a Science of Mind Center in Kitchener where we held a service every Sunday @ 2:00pm. at the YMCA, with average attendance of 20-30. He was the speaker, and I conducted the meditations.

Even though we had to “strike the set” every Sunday, and rebuild it the next, we enjoyed every moment of it, and felt very blessed indeed to have the opportunity to spread the good news of “New Thought”, though it is ancient!We literally carried our Church in a box. A BIG, wooden box designed to hold all the “Center Stuff”, and built by one of our members!

We published a monthly Newsletter, held Sunday services and a class every Tuesday evening at our home, and although we had never met Rev. James Sherman, added him to our mailing list because he had a Unity Church in Toronto. We hadn’t heard about anything of the sort in Kitchener at that time.

All went well, until one of our members informed Ronel that he was being married, and asked him to officiate at the ceremony. Unfortunately, he was not licensed to perform marriages at that time. We were all devastated, and our member (Ken Bragg) said “Well, we must
be married by a New Thought Minister! Ronel explained to him that we had been sending Newsletters to Unity in Toronto all along…had never met the Minister, but would call Rev. Sherman and seek his assistance.

Ronel called the Minister, who welcomed the call, and upon hearing our plight, said he would be happy to perform the ceremony. Ken was so pleased to hear that good news, that he asked Ronel and me to be their witnesses at the wedding. Enter the Reverend James Sherman into our lives!

We had a pleasant conversation after the ceremony, and told him of the difficulty Ronel was experiencing in finding a way to pursue the Ministry in Science of Mind, because it entailed moving to Los Angeles, CA. The classes were only two evenings a week, and it would have taken years to complete the program. Not to mention how we would earn a living, support our kids in school, etc. etc. Didn’t even know about the almighty Green Card!

In less time than it takes to blink an eye, Rev. Sherman said, “Well, what about Unity? It IS New Thought, after all, and it’s much easier to access, classes are daily, and it’s much closer, near Kansas City, MO. We just looked at one another. Could this possibly be an answer? But we weren’t Unity, didn’t know anything about it, or if it would even be acceptable to us, or we to Unity. Rev. Sherman just said “Think about it, talk it over and give me a call.”

Unity?? We knew it existed, but that was about it, up until that time. Other than the Newsletters, we’d had no contact with Rev. Sherman. Well, we thought about it, discussed it extensively, tried to research some info about Unity…but that was “BC” ..before computers, and we didn’t know who to ask. So, we “made the call”, and made an appointment to meet with Rev. James Sherman later that week.

When we arrived, he welcomed us warmly, told us all about Unity Village and how it operates, and handed us a stack of Unity books a foot high to ‘browse through”, and decide if we could become Unity students, instead of Science of Mind.

Now, to shorten this very long story, we read thru’ the books, found them very acceptable, approached our Board, to inform them of what was transpiring, and asked if they would be willing to attend a Church Service in Toronto with us on a Sunday morning. We attended the early service, so we could be back in Kitchener for our 2 pm. service. They loved the service, loved Rev. James, and agreed that this would be a good move.

Ronel called Rev. James again, and at the next visit, he arranged an interview with Rev. Bill Fischer at Unit Village, and said” Now, I’ve got you the appointment, from now on it’s up to you!” I would LOVE to share the whole story with you, maybe at a later time. But the end result is, that Ronel and I both became ordained Unity Ministers.

Rev. James Sherman is directly responsible for our move from Religious Science (tho’ I still love it today!) to Unity. Without his caring, loving and patient ways, we would not have become Unity Ministers.

Unity Church of Toronto promised us that there would be someone in Kitchener every Sunday to conduct the service for our new Unity group! Oh! there is so much left to tell! …but not now.

When Ronel was ordained in 1979, the Reverends Harris had been placed in Kitchener as Ministers, so there was nothing open in Canada for us, which caused our hearts to ache! However, we served Churches in Palm Springs, CA, Muskegon, MI, and Grand Rapids, MI. until we ‘retired’ back to Canada in 2000. We became active at Unity in Kitchener, where
our Unity story had begun many years ago.

More recently, it has been my privilege to attend services in Toronto again, and reconnect with Rev. James, and our lovely Deborah!

Cori Sinstead

* 1976, “63rd.Year Anniversary of Unity Church Toronto”
THE REVEREND DOROTHY PIERSON (Formerly Dorothy O’Connor) attended our event.
[Rev. Dorothy Pierson, made her transition on September 5, 2013.]

THE REVEREND MERTON THORPE (Former Unity Church Toronto Member who became a Unity Minister came for our celebration)

* 1979, The Reverend James Sherman with his Board proposed to all existing Unity ministries in Canada a meeting to discuss the formation of a Canadian Association of Unity Churches. Our Toronto ministry subsidized the cost of bringing Unity ministers across Canada to meet in Toronto, ON for this purpose. The group was unanimously in agreement. Mr. Peter Libman (lawyer) assisted Reverend James Sherman to formulate a set of Canadian Unity By-Laws which were accepted by the Canadian ministers and later approved by the International Association of Unity Churches. The Canadian Association of Unity Churches became the inspiration for international groups outside of the U.S. to coless and operate in groupings that were appropriate to their regional interests. Today, there are approximately 9 International Associations.

1979 Reverend James Sherman was elected as the first President of The Canadian Association of Unity Churches.

* 1980 Unity of Ottawa was the third ministry using the same model previously employed in Hamilton & Kitchener
Unity Church of Ottawa

Brief Synopsis: Reverend James Sherman acting as President of the Canadian Association of Unity Churches sought the backing of the newly formed Association to develop a new ministry in Ottawa, ON.
Again, Mr. Peter Libman drafted the By-Laws with Reverend James Sherman and took the necessary steps to incorporate the newly formed ministry. The Reverend Charles Murphy was hired. Once again, the model proved successful.

* 1981 Unity Church Agape

The fourth Ontario ministry, Unity Church Agape, grew out of an active Study Group created and led by Violet Headley, a licensed Unity Teacher, under the umbrella of Toronto Unity. Unity Agape Church is located in Scarborough, ON, which is a suburb of Toronto. Violet Headley, approached the Reverend James Sherman for his Blessings and support of the development of the Study Group into a full fledged ministry. Violet Headley then used the resources generated by her Study Group to take the necessary steps of incorporation, August 1985. Approximately one year later, Violet Headley was approved for ordination by the International Association of Unity Churches. She continues to this day, to be the beloved minister and spiritual leader of Unity Agape. http://www.uimc.ca/scarborough/

Rev. Violet Headley’s transition on December 15, 2013
The Reverend James Sherman officiates at her memorial service held at Wexford United Church in Scarborough, ON on Sunday, January 4, 2014

Dearest Board Members and ministry members of Unity Church Agape,

Love, Truth and Divine Order Prevail.

On behalf of our Unity Church of Truth ministry and our Board of Directors, The Reverend James Sherman and myself (Deborah) we wish to express as a ‘spiritual family’ our deepest respect and sincerest condolences regarding your loss of your dearly beloved minister, spiritual teacher, mother and friend, The Reverend Violet Headley.

The attached document is to clarify and to give you the correct information that The Reverend James Sherman is indeed ‘in good standing’ with the Association of Unity Churches International aka Unity Worldwide Ministries and is indeed an ordained Unity minister. Thank you in advance for correcting anyone who further states otherwise.

We have recently been supporting several of your members at their personal requests through their process of grief and concerns. The Reverend James Sherman has called and spoken to your Board President and Secretary and offered his and our ministry’s prayers, knowledge and even Rev. Sherman as an ‘interim’ Unity minister to give your ministry time to adjust, discern and decide your next steps with no expectation of compensation. He has also offered his time and energies to speak to your concerns, questions, offer options and consequences in order for you to make informed and timely decisions.

Please know that we do not wish to intrude in any way. We will only come at your request and we will only offer our ideas if you ask to hear them. We offer our assistance out of love, compassion and respect for The Late Reverend Violet Headley, the Board and Unity Agape voting members and congregants.

We affirm that God is your Source in every need.

As Unity Truth students understand, Unity is unique from all other religious entities in that we believe in the Paradigm of Oneness and not in a Paradigm of Separation. Simply put, this means that God loves us. God loves us, now. God`s ‘Love’ is unconditional. There is nothing we have to do to have God love us. We are never ever separated from God. We are God`s Children.

God loves you, and we do too!

Loving blessings and sincerest sympathies,


Communications Director per The Unity Church of Truth Board, Minister and Members

173 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, ON M4R 1A8

cc: Unity Church of Truth Board of Directors
Non-Voting Director: The Reverend James Sherman (Senior Minister)
Voting Directors include:
Mr. Fraser Rose – President
Mr. Victor Austin – Vice President
Elise Cadore – Secretary
Denise Bruce – Treasurer
Debbie Latcha – Director
Lester Singh – Director
Marline Jones – Director

* Unity Mississauga

Unity of Mississauga

The next Ontario ministry to form was on the foundation of another long standing Study Group of the Unity Church Toronto ministry. The Reverend James Sherman appointed Donna Easter, a licensed Unity Teacher and sister of Reverend Elizabeth Aikin, to assume leadership, in Mississauga, ON (a suburb of Toronto, ON) Within a year, Donna took the steps to develop the Study Group into a new Unity ministry. A few years later she was approved for ordination by the International Association.

* Unity of Scarborough

A second Unity ministry in Scarborough was established by Unity Church Toronto while The Reverend Gary Jones was employed as an Associate Minister to The Reverend James Sherman. Reverend Gary Jones led this Sunday ministry for two years before accepting the position of Director of Ministerial Studies at Unity Village, MO. His leadership at Unity Scarborough was assumed by The Reverends Etta Ferrier and Carol Amos who followed in Gary’s footsteps as Associate Ministers of The Reverend James Sherman, Minister of Unity Church Toronto. The Reverends Ferrier and Amos then established the Group as an independent ministry and incorporated under the name Unity Markham.

2005 – Unity Church of Truth, Toronto disaffiliates with the Canadian Association of Unity Churches

2008 – Unity Church of Truth, Toronto by a unanimous decision disaffiliates with the Association of Unity Churches International

June, 2008 – Unity Church of Truth, Toronto is recognized as an Independent Unity Ministry (Independent Religious Body) by the Provincial and Federal governments of Canada

August 7, 2009: Prime Minister of Canada – Mr. Stephen Harper (family friend) speaks at Unity Toronto (173 Eglinton Avenue West, TO) at Sandy Hillmer’s Celebration of Life.

Hillmer’s Celebration of Life.

September 2009: Unity Church of Truth, Toronto listed ‘for sale’.

2010 Rev. James Sherman (Senior Minister of Unity Church of Truth, Toronto) and Deborah joined other ministers in Virginia Beach meeting co-founding the Independent Alliance of Unity Ministers (IAMU) with its corporate headquarters in Texas. They chose not to become members of this new organization.

2010 – Continuing the work and in honour of Rev. Betty Aitkin, Unity Church of Truth, Toronto begins a Burlington, ON Prayer Group branch.

January, 2011 – Ms. Christina Brighton is recognized by the Ontario Marriage Bureau as a Marriage Officiant affiliated with Unity Church of Truth, Toronto

Unity Church of Truth (Toronto) property sold at 173 Eglinton Avenue West on April 11, 2012 (Unity Church continues at 173 Eglinton Avenue West for an indefinite period of time)

[B] In an investigation conducted by The Reverend J Douglas Bottorff The Reverend James Sherman’s improper suspension was reversed to ‘good standing’ with the International Association of Unity Churches. Our church chose not to reaffiliate with this organization and remains an ‘Independent’ Unity religious body.

Unity Church of Truth property sold. We continue to conduct our services and classes on the premises.

The Reverend Elizabeth “Betty” Aitken (very dear friend)
Our dear friend and Associate Minister made her transition on August 28, 2012 surrounded by her family and loved ones. Memorial service in honor and tribute to “Betty” at the Billings Court Continuing Care Center ‘Chapel’ 3700 Billings Court, Burlington, On, L7N 3N6 on September 4th, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

Rev. James Sherman (performed Rev. Betty Aiken’s Ordination service) who was committed to supporting ‘Betty’s’ celebrated and successful work officiated at Rev. Betty’s memorial service on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

December 15, 2013 The Reverend Violet Headley (Unity Church Agape)made her transition in December 2013.

January 2014 The Reverend James Sherman (Unity Church of Truth, Toronto)officiated her service in Scarborough, ON with family and friends.

October 12, 2014: SUNDAY SERVICES AND WEE WISDOM: New location 888 Lawrence Avenue East at the Don Mills Public Library

October 15, 2014: Wednesday & Thursday Classes: Location Fairview Mall Public Library

Teachers in the history of Unity Toronto:

a. Bill Detwieller
b. Minnie Fowler
c. Ruth Fairbrother
d. Hilda Perigoe
e. Mildred Kennedy
f. Elizabeth Aitken (Hamilton)
g. Donna Easter (Mississauga)
h. Violet Headley (Scarborough)
i. Rev. Rose Lester

Unity Church Toronto Members Who later became Unity Ministers or Members who contributed significantly to the International Unity Movement

– The Reverend Merton Thorpe
– The Reverend David Monument
– The Reverend Ross Goodman
– The Reverend David McClure
– The Reverend Betty (Elizabeth Aitken)
– The Reverend Paul Tenaglia
– The Reverend Mario de ferrari

Learn, grow, love, heal, laugh and pray…

Life is meant to be good!”