Minister’s Welcome

Welcome from the Minister


My name is James Sherman and I am the senior minister of Unity Church of Truth located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Whether you are a friend, visitor, or a guest to this site, you are most welcome.

We in Unity, see everyone’s life on earth, as a two-fold journey – human and spiritual.

When we first arrived in this 3-dimensional world on earth, as a baby, we knew nothing about ourselves, our parents, languages or location. Fortunately, we had a mind, a heart and body with the capacity to learn quickly. And, within a few short years we learned a lot, formed opinions and wanted to be bigger and older. When we were big enough and old enough, and wanting to manage our own lives, we went out into the world. Some of us left home in their teens, others later, but based on what we knew, our human journey was full of surprises. This was our human experience in a material world.

Unity is mostly about the spiritual-side of our journey, from a practical point of view. Unity’s approach shows us how to integrate profound spiritual understanding and spiritual principles into our everyday lives.

We already know that the material world is governed by general principles. In school you learned math, science, physics, music, art and everything else in stages from beginner to advanced. You required a foundation before you could do advanced work. For instance, you couldn’t learn Algebra before you learned how to add, divide and multiply numbers. And, we learned that the most basic principles always apply.

Even if a person has no cultural or personal familiarity or foundation with religions or religious beliefs, many spiritual principles that you will learn with us, will not only make sense and resonate as the ‘Truth’ in you, but they will also work to make your human life more meaningful!

We developed our site as a gateway for personal spiritual development. We hope you enjoy it.

And, since our Sunday services and Mid-week classes are available ‘live’ on-line, we invite you to listen, learn, expand and grow your Spiritual side enriching your human/spiritual journey.

God’s richest blessings

James Sherman (Minister)

Learn, grow, love, heal, laugh and pray…

Life is meant to be good!”