Unity Church of Truth (founded in 1913)
109 years of service in Toronto

Are you wanting to feel part of a community?

Are you searching to create a prosperous, happy, healthy, fulfilling and creative life?

Are you wanting to share life experiences with like-minded and like hearted people?

Are you wanting a teacher that has a gift of taking complicated teachings and simplifying them into doable, achievable and practical applications that are tailor made to your life?

Our church offers a “Loving System of Positive Thought Discipline” which allows you to expand and grow in consciousness while creating a wonderful life.

“Gratitude is to your life, what `Miracle Grow!` is to your plants! God`s Good is organic, in that the more you acknowledge and express ‘It’, the more it thrives and produces.” Rev. James Sherman and Deborah


From Judy

Hi Deborah,

The Candle lighting service was spectacularly beautiful!!! I was hugely moved. The effect of the lights along with the beautiful setting was not to be matched – as well as the content, of course. I was very grateful to have been able to be there for it. I was close to tears several times. Thank you so much for all that you do and for the HUGE effort you put forth, and not just today, but all the time. And, those were not just kind words, they were true words.

I hope you both have a lovely Christmas season with your family and I wish you much health, happiness, contentment and fulfillment in 2018. Please extend my wishes to Rev. Sherman.

I look forward to seeing you in early January.

So take good care, and love and blessings to you.

From Marcelene
Dear Rev. Sherman and Deborah,

Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring candle lighting service this past Sunday. It was one of the most moving, awe-filled services I have experienced. From the extraordinary setting/decor, the Christmas images on the PPT, choice of songs and scripture, the lesson, followed by candle ceremony.

My only regret is I cannot not watch the service again and again to enrich my experience of it. If it is available, please let me know as I would like to reexpereince its majesty and profound messages. I have reviewed the images I took of the service but they do not do justice to the total experience of the beautiful and meaningful service.

And, thank you as well for the wonderful worship services that I look forward to each week, which are a highlight of every week for me as I have previously told you.

I send you my best wishes for a blessed Christmas.

Loving blessings,

From Paul C

Dear Rev. Sherman (James) and Deborah,

Thank you for running such a great church and making possible a warm hospitable place of spiritual learning where we can look forward to and almost count on learning and hearing what is not commonly taught but yet what is so important and essential to our lives.

The lessons that James talks about come alive at levels most of us are not even aware and they point to what is inside ourselves to be accepted and unlocked and rooted in-not what is outside to be grabbed or feared or to be controlled (eg. Accepting the pendulum-like nature of outside is very freeing).

The inner primary, core, that is so central to our joy and well-being is revealed and gently uncovered through masterful communication and teaching using, story, bible, analogy, PowerPoints, silence, discussion and self-inquiry. And the perfect mix of silence. I now feel I can be in the world (of pendulum swings) but also not quite of it (rooted in my essence-experience all at the same time without drama or conflict-or at least much less than my previous years.

I have grown more in the last 3 years at Unity listening, meditating and writing/reflecting than I have in the last 30 years. The lessons and concepts that are taught are God sent. Then reading select Unity books (Emilie Cady, Goldsmith etc.) have enhanced this learning and my spiritual expansion.

I’m learning to find a united wholeness where I can accept it all-spirit, body and mind and be a fully human being.

Paul C.

From Carole

Dear Deborah and Rev. James,

What superb work you are doing! If my life were not so full I would enjoy hearing the rest of the story – the synopsis is impressive! I’ve been a student of this good stuff for a very long time and like you I suspect, Unity wisdom has become steeped in the better part of me. I think what you are presenting is sorely needed. Each week’s lesson is fresh, full of truth and so solidly based in the wonders of Divine Reality that your attendees must benefit enormously!

I don’t believe there is another church in the city that gives the gifts that you do! Rev. James is a consummate presenter and I’m sure God knew what he was doing when he brought the two of you together! As the Brits say, “Carry on”!

Many Blessings,

From Leigh Skene
“Sunday was the best service we’ve attended in decades, perhaps ever.

I think that the most common question among spiritual seekers is, “What can I do to enhance my spiritual life?” James (Rev. Sherman) gave enough direct answers to that question on Sunday to inspire everyone.

Inspiration requires far more than words and answers. It requires triggering emotional and physical responses, which he did perfectly. The whole room was entranced and uplifted – a memorable experience.

Sunday was the best service we’ve attended in decades, perhaps ever.”

Gratefully yours,
Leigh (Skene)

From Paul Coulombe

Again and again Rev Sherman helps give us alive metaphors, relevant stories, unique interpretations and piercing observations of the spirit and human…and how they interact together. A master at bringing concepts into wholeness (somehow) …his teachings serve to dissolve learned limited barriers/create new bridges or frameworks of belief and awareness….that point. Point? Point to our Spirit within. The wheat is gently separated from the chaff.

These teachings always point for us to rest, trust, identify and be lead by the Spirit in us-our Beingness…our awareness, and take cues from that place, not vise versa, not from the noisy, fickle and limited mind that our culture offers. Truth is not a clever concept but another dimension, somehow, that we surrender into in an ongoing letting go.

Most people cannot teach this way but James thrives in it.
Paul Coulombe

I loved going to church as a child with my family until I went away to college, continued to attend as an young adult and adult. Although I grew up in the Augusta Lutheran church I stopped attending at age 42 and attended several other churches, none of which has provided the enriched experience and learning as Unity Toronto. You may quote me!

I look forward to attending each and every Sunday and also the Wednesday classes.

Love and blessings,

Before I retire for the night, I would like to thank both of you for your kind generosity, it was certainly not expected.
To be a part of Unity is in itself a great gift. You both have created such a wonderful space where congregants learn practical lessons of becoming spirit filled and spirit led individuals.
Warm regards Helen


“Hi Deborah,

Just a short note to thank you for the great work you do with the children in Wee Wisdom.

Ethan really enjoys the Canada Day pinwheel.

You have a passion for the kids and it shows.

We always appreciate it.

Take care,

Thomas O’Malley”


“Deborah, Thanks so much for doing all the calls and research we appreciate it so much. I’m praying to God that everything happens how He wants to it happen. For me especially, it is important for you and Rev. Sherman to take part in this special day. Unity and you and Rev Sherman have been such a big part of my life here. Again thanks for everything. Love & Blessings, Vanessa “


To Rev. Sherman & Deborah….“Thank you both for your selfless service and generosity to us. You are worth your weight in gold. I am grateful to you and moved by your commitment.”

The Clicker

I saw Reverend Sherman
giving his genius sermon…
with the clicker in his hand.
He is a natural teacher;
a brilliant, humble preacher
with the clicker in his hand.

40 years x 50 lessons
makes 2000 fresh expressions
(all with the clicker in his hand)-
of the life he was living,
the methods of Christ giving.
… all with the clicker in his hand.

Let’s compile in a book
so many more can look
at the professor with the clicker in his hand.
Those 500 seats will soon be filled to capacity
(with a pen, and some faith and a bit of audacity)
for the professor with the clicker in his hand.

He has a wife, Deborah, a very smart cookie
She’s his rib, his right arm, and his very good lookie!
And, she makes sure that the clicker’s in his hand.
She gathers up all of the young ones.
-wee wisdom for our daughters and sons.
All this, while that clicker’s in his hand.


Most ministers can deliver good messages on occasion, and a few may do that fairly frequently. But to deliver sermons that are informative, interesting, and inspirational Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, well, that’s a real rarity. It takes high intelligence – no, more than intelligence, true wisdom – plus many other noble qualities to pull that off. Frankly, I just don’t know how he does it.

Of course, I’m referring to our minister at Unity Church of Truth, the Rev. James Sherman, from whom I have learned so much that is very important to me. As have so many others in our Unity congregation. James is that good at teaching and guiding us.

There are only two components to any speech or sermon: Content and Delivery. Content is what is said, and delivery is how it’s said. James excels at both. I have heard hundreds of professional speakers, and I believe James is in a class by himself.

Knowing him not only as a minister but as a man, I have found him to be not only capable, but conscientious, caring and committed too. Through the entire week, not just on Sundays. What more could I ask for in my minister? What more could any church want in its leadership?


Fraser Rose, High School Principal

Rev. Sherman & Deborah, best wishes to you and your for the Christmas Season and a wonderful and successful New Year. The Candlelight Service was as usual uplifting and Spirit Filled. I know our Church will continue to grow and your message will be soundly received by those who hear it.
To the continued growth of Unity Church of Truth.
Peace be with you.


Hi Deborah:
Thank you for all the work you did in ensuring we had a wonderful time over the Easter weekend. I was impressed with the amount of thoughtfulness, time, effort and money that you put into making the time special for everyone. You and James work as a very impressive team at the church, and after spending time attending the Christian Science church where everything was left to chance, I can certainly see the value of having leaders who take responsibility for making sure that everything runs smoothly.

I also very much appreciate your insights in our ‘Prosperity’ course. On the trip home, Sharon and I were remarking upon how fortunate we are to be attending the course in which both you and James are participating. I am very grateful, too, for the other members of the group of which we are a part. Everyone is very supportive of one another.

I find myself thanking God daily for having guided me to this exceptional church.
Blessings, Victoria


My experience here is always “POSITIVE”.
Reverend Sherman has a gift of translating Scripture so that I can understand it. It always seems that the lesson of the day is in alignment with what is going on in my life. It enhances my Spiritual growth in raising my consciousness.


In my search for emotional healing and a place to make sense of my life, I found the Unity Church Toronto. Rev. James Sherman’s talks spoke to me and provided the spiritual answers and perspective I needed to help me move forward. The messages of the sermons are relevant to today and provide many “aha” moments. The positive energy created by the congregation of like-minded people, the music, the speakers, activities and educational opportunities make Unity Church Toronto a unique place, but also an integral part of my spiritual journey and personal life.

To the good people of the Unity Church in Toronto:
This note is a long time in coming due to circumstances beyond control.

I visited Toronto at the end of March through the Easter time and as a member of the Unity Church in Victoria, BC, wished to continue Sunday service. I attended the Church at 173 Eglington, and there found the
Reverend James Sherman. He was a godsend by ‘divine appointment’. His wisdom, clarity of expression, great eloquence and deep experience, were the breath of life. Praise God and thank you God!

The Reverend Sherman’s sermons on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were everything I could desire in my need for understanding of these events in the life of Jesus. I have the church bulletins to remind me of his wisdom and to guide me during ‘present and now’ moments. If we could all have a James Sherman as guardian angel there would be no place for psychologists and psychiatrists!

The Reverend James Sherman’s practical lessons are so relevant to daily human interactions, our need for the spiritual component, and how to live in order to align ourselves with this need and so experience healing, Happiness and abundance.

I thank the Reverend Sherman and bless him and the ministry of the Unity Church in Toronto.

Raouf Rusmaully “Finally made it to Unity in Toronto, Reverend James Sherman is great!”

“It helped me, (Rev. Sherman) James. I’m going to use “God loves me” many times a day as I walk through this current transitory phase in my life. Thanks for the reminder!
Blessings back to you both,
Brunetta“ (Posted on Unity Church of Truth’s FaceBook Page)

“I have been attending Unity Church for a few years now with emphasis on the evening classes led by Reverend James Sherman. The cutting edge metaphysical teachings of Reverend Sherman have played a key role in actuating positive and lasting change in my life. Through Unity I have also been exposed to the fantastic works of Wallace D. Wattles who authored several profound books in the new thought domain. These books, combined with the Unity tenets, have given me a sound base of spiritual principals to build upon; pragmatic spiritual principals applicable (action) to everyday life and accessible to all people who seek to improve the quality of their lives from the inside out. Quite simply: they work.”

By Deborah Ducharme
It is a freezing cold wintery day here in Toronto February 19, 2013. The sidewalks are slippery and covered with a thick glaze of ice which are treacherous to walk on yet 13 dedicated Unity Truth students have braved these conditions to listen to Rev. Sherman teach them Lesson 6 of Joel S. Goldsmith’s book Thunder of Silence. The eldest is in her 80’s wrapped up in a quilted coat, homemade knitted beret matched with a long colourful, woollen scarf around her neck. She beams with pure delight that she has made it on time for class. She gives a report of her friend Betty (97 years old) who couldn’t make it due to quarantine conditions in her nursing home. Our Unity Church of Truth building greets its members with warmth, brightness, soothing music, and comfortable upholstered theater seats and light along with our loving greetings.
People come to this church because they are served, lifted up, supported, provided spiritual sustenance and fellowship with like minded and hearted souls. They tithe to this ministry because it is a strong source of spiritual nurturing to them and has helped to make a positive difference in their lives. Unity Church of Truth celebrates its 100th year of service to Toronto.

Rev. Cori Sinstead
My experience with Unity Church of Truth, Toronto goes back to the early 70’s. My husband, Ronel Sinstead had incorporated a Science of Mind Centre in Kitchener where we held a service every Sunday @ 2:00pm. at the YMCA, with average attendance of 20-30. He was the speaker, and I conducted the meditations.

Even though we had to “strike the set” every Sunday, and rebuild it the next, we enjoyed every moment of it, and felt very blessed indeed to have the opportunity to spread the good news of “New Thought”, though it is ancient!We literally carried our Church in a box. A BIG, wooden box designed to hold all the “Center Stuff”, and built by one of our members!

We published a monthly Newsletter, held Sunday services and a class every Tuesday evening at our home, and although we had never met Rev. James Sherman, added him to our mailing list because he had a Unity Church in Toronto. We hadn’t heard about anything of the sort in Kitchener at that time.

All went well, until one of our members informed Ronel that he was being married, and asked him to officiate at the ceremony. Unfortunately, he was not licensed to perform marriages at that time. We were all devastated, and our member (Ken Bragg) said “Well, we must
be married by a New Thought Minister! Ronel explained to him that we had been sending Newsletters to Unity in Toronto all along…had never met the Minister, but would call Rev. Sherman and seek his assistance.

Ronel called the Minister, who welcomed the call, and upon hearing our plight, said he would be happy to perform the ceremony. Ken was so pleased to hear that good news, that he asked Ronel and me to be their witnesses at the wedding. Enter the Reverend James Sherman into our lives!

We had a pleasant conversation after the ceremony, and told him of the difficulty Ronel was experiencing in finding a way to pursue the Ministry in Science of Mind, because it entailed moving to Los Angeles, CA. The classes were only two evenings a week, and it would have taken years to complete the program. Not to mention how we would earn a living, support our kids in school, etc. etc. Didn’t even know about the almighty Green Card!

In less time than it takes to blink an eye, Rev. Sherman said, “Well, what about Unity? It IS New Thought, after all, and it’s much easier to access, classes are daily, and it’s much closer, near Kansas City, MO. We just looked at one another. Could this possibly be an answer? But we weren’t Unity, didn’t know anything about it, or if it would even be acceptable to us, or we to Unity. Rev. Sherman just said “Think about it, talk it over and give me a call.”

Unity?? We knew it existed, but that was about it, up until that time. Other than the Newsletters, we’d had no contact with Rev. Sherman. Well, we thought about it, discussed it extensively, tried to research some info about Unity…but that was “BC” ..before computers, and we didn’t know who to ask. So, we “made the call”, and made an appointment to meet with Rev. James Sherman later that week.

When we arrived, he welcomed us warmly, told us all about Unity Village and how it operates, and handed us a stack of Unity books a foot high to ‘browse through”, and decide if we could become Unity students, instead of Science of Mind.

Now, to shorten this very long story, we read thru’ the books, found them very acceptable, approached our Board, to inform them of what was transpiring, and asked if they would be willing to attend a Church Service in Toronto with us on a Sunday morning. We attended the early service, so we could be back in Kitchener for our 2 pm. service. They loved the service, loved Rev. James, and agreed that this would be a good move.

Ronel called Rev. James again, and at the next visit, he arranged an interview with Rev. Bill Fischer at Unit Village, and said” Now, I’ve got you the appointment, from now on it’s up to you!” I would LOVE to share the whole story with you, maybe at a later time. But the end result is, that Ronel and I both became ordained Unity Ministers.

Rev. James Sherman is directly responsible for our move from Religious Science (tho’ I still love it today!) to Unity. Without his caring, loving and patient ways, we would not have become Unity Ministers.

Unity Church of Toronto promised us that there would be someone in Kitchener every Sunday to conduct the service for our new Unity group! Oh! there is so much left to tell! …but not now.

When Ronel was ordained in 1979, the Reverends Harris had been placed in Kitchener as Ministers, so there was nothing open in Canada for us, which caused our hearts to ache! However, we served Churches in Palm Springs, CA, Muskegon, MI, and Grand Rapids, MI. until we ‘retired’ back to Canada in 2000. We became active at Unity in Kitchener, where
our Unity story had begun many years ago.

More recently, it has been my privilege to attend services in Toronto again, and reconnect with Rev. James, and our lovely Deborah!

Cori Sinstead

Learn, grow, love, heal, laugh and pray…

Life is meant to be good!”