What Is Unity?

Unity Church of Truth – 109 Years of Service in Toronto


Unity’s 3 Basic Views

1. Our view of God
2. Our relationship with God
3. Our view of ourselves and consciousness

  1. Our view of God is that there is only One Presence, only One Power and only One Intelligence. God is pure Goodness. God is Truth.  Jesus said, “God is Spirit”, meaning that God is not human. 
  2. Our relationship with God is cultivated by learning, understanding and living Truth Principles. As Jesus said, “The Truth will set you free.” As Paul said, “We live, move and have our being in God”.
  3. Every individual has a dual nature, meaning that each one of us is both a spiritual being with a spiritual consciousness and a human being with a human consciousness. As Jesus taught, there is a Way to live in the world, and not be of it.  God’s Spirit is in everyone.

Our Unity concept of God is that everything in the entire universe, is an expression of God and God’s creative nature. John began his Gospel with these words, “In the beginning God expressed Himself”. Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” We believe that God is Love, Life, Light, Truth and unlimited Goodness. God is the Source of our every need. In Unity, we believe that God is loving and uncondeming and we have no fear of God in our lives. We believe that no one could ever measure the magnificence, power and intelligence of God. However, we may notice God’s work in our lives and from time to time experience miracles.


In Unity, we believe that every person has many different types and levels of consciousness, some of which are materially oriented, some that are spiritually oriented and some that are personally oriented. Human consciousness is elusive because its levels can go up and down in us rapidly. This can happen in groups and in the individual. For example, a person may be in good spirits (a healthy level) but when something negative occurs they can drop rapidly into any number of states such as rage, anger, anxiety and fear. Every individual has to learn how to self-observe, monitor, correct, upgrade and when necessary change their level of consciousness. Unity believes that our human consciousness is unstable but that our spiritually developed consciousness is consistent and reliable. Unity teaches that spiritual consciousness is not only the key to well-being, good relationships, prosperity and success but also the key to spiritual development and the gateway to miracles.

Truth (God’s Word)

During the last few decades, academics have been promoting the concept that there is no such thing as truth and that everything is relative. In the Old Testament, “God’s Word” had the same meaning as “Truth”, in the New Testament. “God’s Word “was regarded as a ‘directive’ from God in the Old Testament. Jesus’ mission was to teach all people the path to Christ Consciousness. He taught people of many educational levels from the most ignorant to the most highly sophisticated. He called spiritual principles “The Truth”. He did this because he understood that people had to learn a practical way to improve themselves and their lives both humanly and spiritually. His disciples asked Him, early on, why He didn’t teach ordinary people the same way that he taught them. He said, that he did this because they don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear, so, He taught them using parables, stories with spiritual meanings that emphasized at least one spiritual Principle (Truth). For example, His parable about the two houses is easy to interpret. He said, “those who hear my words and put them into practice will be like a person who builds a house on stone”. Then, He said, “those who hear my words and do not put them into practice is like a person who builds a house on sand”. In other words, applying Truth Principles is the path to a strong spiritual consciousness. In Unity, we call ourselves “Truth Students” referring to the fact that we study Truth Principles, especially, the parables and teachings of Jesus and apply them to our everyday lives.

Every Individual

We, are said to be “made in the image and likeness of God”, which directly implies that we are blessed with divine attributes.  This means that the Spirit of God, the Life of God, The Intelligence of God is accessible to every one of us.  Human beings are also endowed with the ability to believe, to reject, to ignore, to accept, to explore, to create, to imagine and to build.  These qualities give us freedom of expression, thought, feelings, actions and reactions.  In Unity, we believe that we are all children of God.  Our dual nature of being both human and divine means that we exist in the world and experience the world through our five senses, but that we also experience the world spiritually.  On a spiritual level, God moves through us to heal, to create, to inspire, to reveal, to protect, to teach and to guide.   Jesus said, “the person who trusts me will do the same things that I have done, yes, and he will do even greater things than these.” John 14:12-14

Unity Teaches…

You are meant to live abundantly

You are meant to be whole and well

Divine wisdom is within you

You can connect directly to God

Your life began before birth and
continues after death

Learn, grow, love, heal, laugh and pray…

Life is meant to be good!”