Board Members

Unity Church of Truth (1913)

105 years of service in Toronto!

2018 Voting Unity Church of Truth Board of Directors:
Mr. Fraser Rose (President)
Mr. Victor Austin (Vice President)
Mr. Debbie Latcha (Secretary)
Ms. Marline Jones (Treasurer)
Mr. Lester Singh
Ms. Marlene Collins
Ms. Angela Collier

2018 Non-Voting Unity Church of Truth Board Member:
The Reverend James Sherman (Senior Minister)

Words from our Minister Click Here
Our minister has been with our church for 39 years. Rev. Sherman is a superb teacher who loves to teach and is a stunning professional speaker.





2018 Voting Members and Directors of Unity Church Toronto

Mr. Fraser Rose – President (Voting Member) Fraser is our current Board President and the Children’s Church official ‘story teller’ and ‘Usher’. Fraser is retired from a career as Principal of schools within the Toronto Board of Education but is now employed as the Principal of a Private Toronto school. Fraser is also a professional speaker.
Volunteer Services:
Board Director, Speaker, Wee Wisdom Story Teller, Usher & Greeter
Testimonial by Fraser Click Here



Mr. Victor Austin – Vice President (Voting Member) Victor is our Board Vice President and has filled the capacity of Board President in the past. Victor is retired from 36 years working with the Federal Government of Canada as a senior telecommunications officer. Victor serves our ministry by providing the online broadcasting of classes and services and has also served our ministry for 30+ years in the roles of Children’s Church Director, Y.O.U. Director and the founder of Unity Toastmasters as well as the developer and implementer of our Unity Online Broadcast service.
Volunteer Services:
Board Director, Online Broadcaster and Tech Support, Platform Support


Mr. Lester Singh – Director (Voting Member)
Lester is new on our Board and serves as a Director. Lester has a career in Real Estate.
Volunteer Services:
Board Director



Debbie Latcha – Director (Secretary – Voting Member)
Volunteer Services:
Board Director, 4T Prosperity Facilitator




Ms. Marline Jones Treasurer (Voting Member) Marline serves as the Treasurer of our Board
Volunteer Services:
Board Director, Hospitality Team Member, Trip Planner





Marlene Collins Director (Voting Member)
Volunteer Services:
Board Director, Hospitality Support

Angela Collier Director (Voting Member)
Volunteer Services:
Board Director, Hospitality Support

Fraser Rose and Rev. James Sherman



We bless our Board, new members and honorary member. We celebrate them and thank each member for their commitment and service to God and our ministry.