Dear Unity Church of Truth Spiritual Family & Friends,

As we are now approaching “the most wonderful time of the year”, let us take a moment and join together in spirit, giving thanks for each other, our lives, our church and for 2021! 

It’s time now to prepare ourselves spiritually for the symbolic birth of Christ within us, while giving God the glory. 

1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV  

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

So, ‘thank you Rev. Sherman’ for another year of your creative, inspirational teachings and your dedication to delivering the best lessons to us all year long. Thank you for continuing to say ‘Yes! to God and Yes! to us, and for always giving us your best.  

A special ‘thank you’ to our Board of Directors (Mr. Victor Austin, Ms. Debbie Latcha, Ms. Marlene Collins, Ms. Angela Collier and Mr. Lester Singh), who are always ready, willing and available with their open and giving hearts leading our ministry with all the business that needs to be addressed. 

Thank you very much, to each and every one of you, who hold your church in your prayers and for the financial support that you have continued to give to the church even though you have not seen the collection basket for soooo long.  Our collection basket has taken a different form through Canada Post, Canada Helps and the Telephone.  All your charitable giving is greatly appreciated.  For those of you who have made contributions, tithed and given gifts to your ministry, you will receive in February 2022 a Donation Tax Receipt for your 2021 donations which may offset your personal taxes which is a benefit on a human level.  On a spiritual level, you are giving to the human source of your spiritual nurturing, which in turn is ‘Giving back to God’ and ‘Giving God the Glory’.  If you haven’t yet given and would still like to, it isn’t too late for 2021! 

Our church Prayer of Gratitude along with our financial support is the following:

The Divine Love expressed through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.”  Thank you, God. Amen.

Wishing you a very Bright, Personal, Reflective, Sparkling, Magical, Loving, Kind, Festive, Happy and Merry Christmas!

Loving blessings,