Unity Church of Truth
(founded in 1913) 104 years of service in Toronto!

Teacher: The Reverend James Sherman

Our Unity Classes are a way to quicken your Spiritual Learning and development. Our intimate class structure is informal allowing discussion and questions from all present.

Classes This Week At Unity!

Classes at Unity this evening (Wed.) and tomorrow afternoon (Thurs.)

“The Christmas Letters”
(Based on the book by Joel S. Goldsmith)

“Receptivity to the Christ Is Greater in Time of Need” - Chapter 6 – Part 1

Wednesday May 16th at 7:00 pm 4th floor, room 3
Thursday May 17th at 12:30 pm 4th floor, room 2
Fairview Mall Public Library - 35 Fairview Mall Drive, TO

Human consciousness naturally skews towards the physical, material realm because “ordinary consciousness” sees the world as its “source” and “supply”. Thus, whenever confronted by difficult circumstances, people regard the problem as external, and the solution as well. This is how people generally try to “fix” things in the natural world.

Many do not understand that God is their constant resource, instead of an “option of last resort”. Many start to pray only when the situation is “serious”. Outsiders might judge such a person as “far from God”, but that would not be true. God is always present – everywhere and in everyone at all times.

Anyone who fully grasps the Truth, understands why Jesus welcomed outcasts and so-called “sinners” as freely as he welcomed the most devout.

Join us this evening (Wednesday) at 7 pm and Thursday at 12:30 pm