Unity Church of Truth
(founded in 1913) 104 years of service in Toronto!

Teacher: The Reverend James Sherman
Classes This Week at Unity!
Seven Aspects of God

Wednesday, June 21st 7:00 pm. 4th floor, room 4
Thursday, June 22nd at 12:30 pm 4th floor room 4

Fairview Mall Public Library -35 Fairview Mall Drive, TO

Seven Aspects of God

Where there is Truth, there is God. To know the Truth about any condition heals it. Truth is the great transformer.

God’s Truth shines like a light, eliminating darkness, erasing shadows and revealing whatever was hidden. Truth dissolves confusion. Truth lets you see clearly, giving you peace of mind. Truth reveals Divine Realities.

Truth is a major “Aspect of God” because, as Jesus said, “…the truth shall make you free.". Truth liberates. God is absolute Truth and does not change.

If you want and need “liberty” or “surety” in any part of your life, this class will help you greatly.
Why could Jesus easily cut through all human confusion?

He understood that God is Truth!

All are welcome to attend this class!