Prosperity Affirmation

A PROSPERITY Affirmation

Here is a Prosperity affirmation by Louise Hay towards greater and greater good.
Once a day, stand with your arms wide open and say with joy…

I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe, Thank you, Life.
(Note: Life with a capital refers to God’s Life!)

You can even do it in front of a mirror and notice what comes up for you as you speak the affirmation) You become your own witness!
Look, see and listen to the person in the mirror and ask yourself if you believe it.
Notice if you speak with conviction and faith?
Don’t judge yourself wrong or bad or poor. Just notice what you see and hear and alter your delivery until you feel it, sense it and know it to be true. Until that moment, act ‘as if’ you believe it is true until it becomes so.)

Remember, everything you say and think is an affirmation. Be aware of your words and your thoughts, keep them positive. Acknowledge and release any negative thoughts that come up.