Messages to Reverend James and Deborah


“Man must continually affirm his true spiritual estate, and when tempted to seek in occult ways for knowledge, he must be loyal to the Divine Law within him. In all things God must be exalted, instead of personality.”
~ Charles Fillmore, Exalt God, Unity Magazine of 8-1922, pg. 139

“Gratitude is to your life, what `Miracle Grow!` is to your plants! God`s Good is organic, in that the more you acknowledge and express ‘It’, the more it thrives and produces.” Rev. James Sherman and Deborah

QUESTION from a Congregant – Paul B.

Hello Reverend Sherman, Hello Deborah,

I want to make sure I understood this week’s homework assignment.
It is to keep practicing the 5 minute silence (I’ll call it meditation) 3 times a day, and my only prayer is to be “God loves me”. Plus this week, don’t fight circumstances or conditions, but work directly with God instead.
So I guess turn over to God anything that I am concerned about, and follow God’s lead.

Did I get it right? I wasn’t very good at note taking yesterday.


Response to Paul from Rev. Sherman
Hi Paul,

The exercise is more like a prelude to meditation, than meditation itself. You might want to call it “being still”.
In this exercise, you literally think, feel and do nothing. That’s its purpose. Sitting upright, with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting in your lap you allow every muscle in your body to “droop” (so to speak) – in other words, you expend no muscle effort at all: Your body just “rests” in place.

Since you cannot stop your body from experiencing sensations, or your intellect from thinking, or your emotions from making themselves known to you, you make a choice to not answer them, not question them, not follow up with them: You simply let them exist in place. In effect, you take no interest in them. Let them “float” around like little things gently moving in the air.

As for breathing, you will be aware of it, but again, take no special interest its function.

The overall goal is to become like an empty vessel – quiet, spacious and empty.
This is what you practice doing five minutes at a time, at least three times a day,

Outside of this Quiet Time exercise, while going about the rest of your day, concerns will inevitably arise. My suggesting is that you make no effort to “pray” about anyone’s needs, including your own. However, whenever something “comes up”, you say “God loves you” (if it involves someone else) or “God loves me” (if it involves yourself). For now, use no other form of prayer other than “God loves you” or God loves me”.

Think of these exercises as a kind of spiritual diet (or fasting). You are not making other efforts like meditating or praying. All you will do is “practice” being still and (for now) limit any prayers to one of the two three-word statements.

As for the new assignment, as you said, don’t fight with people, conditions or circumstances. Instead, you might gently ask inside, is there another way to approach this? You may be surprised to “hear” a perfect alternative.

Here’s a real life example: Yesterday afternoon I was scheduled to officiate at a Christening service at a church in Scarborough. When we arrived, everyone was locked out of the church and the only person inside was a caretaker. He said that he couldn’t let anyone inside because he had not been notified. The longer the discussion went on, the more irritated he became. Deborah finally said, “Wait, we don’t have to go inside, we have two choices: 1) Go to Unity on Eglinton, or 2) have a service in the shade of a beautiful tree outside the Scarborough church. The parents said, “Let’s do it outside!” It was spectacular and comfortable. We stopped trying to change the mind of the caretaker and took positive action in a new direction.

I hope this helps.
Rev Sherman

Happy Thanksgiving Blessings!
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 10:52 AM
Subject: just wanted to say..thank you
Dear Rev. Sherman..
Three Sunday mornings ago i was sitting in the hospital cafe at NYGH. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, I was drowning in despair and I couldn’t find anything to hold on to. I was looking at the cell phone in my hand thinking who can I call, everyone i could think of was drawing strength from me. Strength that i could barely muster after spending the night beside my husband’s bedside in the critical care unit. The family was coming to the hospital and i couldn’t see to walk because the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

I called Unity and you answered the phone. You asked me what my need was. What my greatest fear for my husband was, and then you took me back to all that I knew to be true. You helped me to see God working through everyone that surrounded my husband and God’s own life force working in Peter.

You told me that fear would return after the call but to place my faith in God not in were the lifeline I needed that morning, ,.., As I look at those powerful truth statements that you gave me, I know that call was a pivotal moment for me. I smiled after that.. i was filled with peace and with knowing. I sat in that truth and I still do..

Peter is home and recovering and I am grateful, .. I am thankful for so much and I am thankful for that Sunday morning call with you and the time you took to hold my hand, and to remind me of what I know to be true.

See you soon at Unity..

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving.

Received March 2009 from JF – “Dear Deborah and James…Just a note to thank you for the wonderful Ash Wednesday service. The service was not only beautiful, but also very practical. A feeling of deep happiness lingered for a long time after “Walking Away”. The music was excellent. Everything fit together in a pattern for good. Thank You!”

From Tama Kieves and Paul of Awakening Artistry I’d also love to thank Deborah and her husband Rev. James Sherman for inviting Tama to do the Sunday service and follow-up workshop at Unity of Toronto. We felt like we reconnected with good old friends!

Reverend James Sherman: Good day.
What an honor to speak with the man on my famous Unity taped lessons sir.
I have truly memorized all your deepest teachings of Jesus sir.
Metanoia Truth………..!!!!!!
I came across your tapes on eBay a few years back. The tapes squeaked at first but I fiddled with them and the Holy Spirit took over………….Praise God.
Actually I collect old Unity tape lessons and I transfer them to DVD so I can have all the taped lessons on one disc. I would use a Cd but I would be limited for time.
The DVD allows me 6 full hours of glorious Unity Truth…………!!!!!!!!
I do this for my own study purposes too, plus the Unity tapes because of their age our decaying so in a way I am saving my collection from being lost forever.

Thanks for your thoughts on the great Ernest C. Wilson and Elizabeth Sand Turner………….!!!!!!!!!
I relish the glory days of early Unity because Unity was a ‘Healing movement’ not just ‘a coping movement’ as I see it becoming more and more today. Please do not think I am bold in saying this truth sir.

I would be honored to have you post my e-mail sir.
I do the weekly affirmations for my church here and Vista Calif. and I pull my materials from the old Unity Magazines and publications etc. sir.
Again, I feel the healing vibrations resonate spiritually stronger in the earlier printed materials.
Sadly Unity has a great resource library but what good is it if no one ever reads the classic Unity writings anymore……………..!!!!!!!!! Or listen to their Unity tape collections.

Question: Did you ever know Ed Rabel.
I have a few of his powerful taped lessons and I enjoy his spunky style which he appeared to have. Where have all the master metaphysical Bible teacher’s gone sir. 🙁

A personal dream has been realized sir by speaking with you via e-mail.
I cannot tell you how healing your tapes have been to my soul and life trek.

My prayer: May the Indwelling Holy Spirit knit us under His Almighty Wings of Love this hour.

Grateful & Shalom,
Michael A. Schoonover,Jr. :(()

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful words of thanks and praise. I am moved and am honoured. Thank you.

I first met Ernest Wilson in 1956 when I was 14 years old during my Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) days. In fact, it was in Ernest Wilson’s church that I gave my first talk. Later, in the 1970’s we did some work together at a convention in Florida. Ernest was spiritually devote just as you imagine. He had a wonderful sense of humour and an impressive ability to speak extemporaneously to crowds of all sizes, on television where he appeared often in Los Angelos.

Elizabeth Sand Turner was one of my teachers for metaphysical bible study in 1960. She was very petite in stature but a power house in her expression of Truth. She was witty, plain spoken and always went right to the heart that she was addressing.

May I ask you how you came upon my tapes? I’m curious.

If you are ever in Toronto please visit our church. I’d be delighted to meet with you and share a conversation.

Blessings and Gratitude
Reverend James Sherman

P.S. May we post your email below on our website to share with others?

From: carriage
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 11:25 PM
Subject: ……….Chrsit Jesus……..!!!!!!

“Divine Love, the affection of the Creator for His created–tender, infinite, immeasurable, and unbound–is from everlasting to everlasting, a purifying, protecting, renewing, and prospering power, ever accessible to me, always seeking me, constantly drawing me. Divine Love contains my desires and it is always ready and willing and able to fulfill them, to give to me in overflowing measure all that I need whenever I need it.”

~ Frances W. Foulks, Divine Love, Unity Magazine Oct.-1927, pg. 302

TO: Minister: Reverend James Sherman
Office Telephone: 416-487-3663

Rev. Sherman: Good day sir.

It is truly an honor to write this letter to you sir.
I live in Escondido, Calif. and I attend Unity Way Vista in Vista Calif.

I consider myself a ‘913 Tracy Street Unity Truth student’ and I am currently on the Unity SEE program.
My life has never been the same since I heard a copy of your Unity tape lessons on the ‘Deepest teachings of Jesus.’
I review those tape lessons at least once a month if not more sir.
Profound Christ insights that I can never get enough of sir………..!!!!!!!
I needed to say…………….. thank you for this eternal Christ gift to me sir.
I do relish all the older Unity Magazines and Daily Words as I believe they have/had a much high spiritual vibration of truth in them.
I feel Unity has kind of shifted away from her glorious ‘Tracy street roots’ when it comes to Bible and Jesus thinking sadly. It was the Tracy street consciousness that created the divine idea that became Unity Village.


1.) Did you know Ernest C. Wilson sir………..????
I am a great fan of both his classic Unity books ‘The Sunlit Way’ and ‘The Master Class Lessons.’
Whenever I read his crisp words I get the idea that he was a very gentle and loving soul for Christ Jesus.

2.) Did you ever meet or know Elizabeth Sand Turner sir……….????

Thanks for helping change my Unity life forever sir……………!!!!!!!!
I consider you a profound Unity teacher in the vain of Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore and Cora D. Fillmore.

Grateful & Shalom,
Michael A. Schoonover,Jr. :(()

From: Beverley Madigan
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2007 7:38 PM
To: ‘James Sherman’

Subject: RE: see you this Sunday

Hi Reverend Sherman:

As I listen to Amazing Grace, I can’t help but write you a thank you note for your incredibly inspirational presentations every Sunday. Because of you, your passion for life, your compassion for the human spirit, your willingness to share your insights on how to better one’s life circumstances, I am uncovering my own positive and constructive path. My husband Kim agrees with me – that’s why you see him with me in church on Sundays.

We have amazing life-enriching discussions on our return trip home every Sunday. Most importantly we are making positive changes in our lives because of your direction and guidance. For example, although Kim has been able to ‘be still’ daily, I have not been able to do so. I am now working towards that goal every day. Thank you for that gift. I know you know that you have given me the next best thing to the ‘gift of life’. I can’t thank you enough. That’s why you see me smiling on Sundays when I am in church.

Also thank you for answering my prayer. I have been asking for your sermons to be placed on CD. I now have your CDs along with John Maxwell’s, Max Lucado’s and Joel Osteen’s in my car stereo.

I feel very fortunate and am very grateful for the service you offer. It will help me be more positive, caring and compassionate towards the students and their families that I serve in my community. Isn’t the ripple effect of life the greatest!!


—–Original Message—–
From: Claudia
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 7:28 PM
Subject: Reverend James Sherman

To the good people of the Unity Church in Toronto:
This note is a long time in coming due to circumstances beyond control.

I visited Toronto at the end of March through the Easter time and as a member of the Unity Church in Victoria, BC, wished to continue Sunday service. I attended the Church at 173 Eglington, and there found the
Reverend James Sherman. He was a godsend by ‘divine appointment’. His wisdom, clarity of expression, great eloquence and deep experience, were the breath of life. Praise God and thank you God!

The Reverend Sherman’s sermons on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were everything I could desire in my need for understanding of these events in the life of Jesus. I have the church bulletins to remind me of his wisdom and to guide me during ‘present and now’ moments. If we could all have a James Sherman as guardian angel there would be no place for psychologists and psychiatrists!

The Reverend James Sherman’s practical lessons are so relevant to daily human interactions, our need for the spiritual component, and how to live in order to align ourselves with this need and so experience healing, Happiness and abundance.

I thank the Reverend Sherman and bless him and the ministry of the Unity Church in Toronto.

Yours in gratitude,

British Columbia


March 19th, 2007

On Monday, March 19th, a call came into the church for help.

On Monday, March 19th, I answered the ringing church phone with the familiar words Good Afternoon, Unity Church Toronto may I help you?

A soft, sweet voice replied “Yes. I’ve only been to your church one time to see a movie Conversations with God but I subscribe to and have read The Daily Word for years. Unity is very important to us… my family. I was wondering if someone could come to our home because we need spiritual support – my ‘mommie’ has not been feeling well. She explained their years work and that her mommie had had surgeries and treatment a year ago because of
cancer and we have received news that it has metastized.”

I said just one minute and I will find Rev. Sherman who is working upstairs in the sanctuary to see when we can come. The woman said ‘thank you’. I found Reverend Sherman up to his ears in cables, cords and sound equipment. One could tell that he was totally committed and focused in this church project that was requiring his full attention. I interrupted him and he listened to me retell the story ending with “James, can we go now?” He looked at me in total disbelief; he looked around at the project layed out all over the floor; he looked at me and he said “Yes”, we will make a stop home to let our dog in the house as we didn’t know how late we would be and then drive on the highway to Etobicoke to their home by the instructions that the woman had given me.

So much happened in the next couple of hours that we visited with this beautiful, loving, kind and spiritually focused family. I found myself sharing with them my own experience with cancer and my healing process that appeared to give me credibility with them. James answered their questions regarding the Bible and used the metaphor of a ‘house’ to explain life, death and birth which because of their rich metaphysical background and thinking appealed to their hearts and I believe touched their souls. Their first language was not English and so their daughter translated all of our words to her parents. We spoke about the importance of ‘receiving’ and for ‘mommie’ to open herself up to being loved, nurtured and to ask and receive help from her family and loved ones and God. She had always been responsible for everyone and like most mothers had put herself last on the list for having her needs met. There was no guilt, no blame, only observation of this fact and love. A gentle nod of acknowledgment from her allowed us to move into the many different ways in which to receive the nurturing and love that her body, mind, soul and spirit were craving. She was to make a list of all the little ways in which to do this and to have things done for her on this list every day. After sharing a special nurturing idea that I do each time I want to feel my own grandmother’s loving glance, smile and hug around me, it reminded her of a way she could connect with her grandmother, and parents and then we were shown a very special container that has been in her family for generations in which she drank a blend of herbs from her country and was pleased with the thought of adding this back into her daily routine.

I noticed that her husband sat quietly listening. I asked his daughter who was translating to ask him if he had any questions that he would like to ask James. He said he had ‘many’. It was about scripture and how to interpret the words about death and he wanted to know what death was to ease his discomfort. James began a very beautiful and thoughtful explanation and description using the ‘HOUSE’ metaphor. At this point we were joined by another member of the family. The conversation was rich, loving and grounded in truth. Time passed quickly. Appreciation was given and received. The family offered us nourishment and we said we were fine. I told the mother and family that their ‘presence’ was enough. We were honoured that they had invited us in their home to share their most intimate thoughts, questions and feelings and that I was so touched by the love that was expressed between them and how open and receptive they were to James and I. ‘Mommie’ said your presence is enough back to James and I. She took my hand and told me that I was doing good work. Her husband took James’ hand and told him Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

There are still many more components to our visit with this family that are beautiful and which have multiple levels to it. Our hearts were joined. We felt the presence of God and that we were one. We acknowledged their spiritual sophistication which was effortless to minister to. James and I both knew and felt the rightness to our leaving everything and answering their call for assistance. We felt honoured and blessed to have been called by them and by God. It placed us in a state of bliss. It is the ‘bliss’ that spoke to me of being on the right track, doing the work that needs to be done by us and knowing the difference of where we should be placing our energies.

We didn’t arrive home until later that evening and we had a lot to process and we were hungry for dinner. James and I decided to stop at a restaurant and get a bite to eat. Next to our table sat 4 very lovely young women speaking with enthusiasm about their discoveries in the movie The Secret and The Law of Attraction! I couldn’t help over hear them and eventually walked over to them and introduced myself and told them about Unity and that we were having Bob Proctor visit us again this coming May and that we would be showing The Secret too. They were thrilled and I gave them our website address and email address for them to check us out or contact. They proclaimed that it was The Law of Attraction that brought me to their table and them to me. I was thrilled because it appeared as though Spirit was calling more people to Unity; the family that had only been at our church once before and now four more young women with enthusiasm and hunger for Truth and healing.

March 20th, 2007

I have received an email from our Yoga teacher stating that she has collected household items and clothing for the Native family and will be bringing them by to the church this Saturday.

March 16th, 2007

Today in the mail, The Reverend Sherman received a sizeable cheque from a person that he didn’t recognize. We wanted to find out who sent it to him so that we could send a ‘Thank You.’ There was only a name on the cheque wrapped in a single sheet of paper with East Rocks! on it. I went on the internet and started searching with the clues that we had been given and asking for God’s help to lead and guide us. Luckily, I came across someone who had a similar listed name but from a different city but same state. Within 6 minutes we had connected with the very same person who had sent the cheque to James. What a blessing!

This is what we received after making the connection:

Dear Reverend Sherman,

What a pleasant surprise to hear from you. Yes, the love offering was from me.

I have been a student of Truth since the early 70’s.I have visited your church a number of times. But one of those times changed my life.

I have the tape you did for the service on “Creative Connection.” It was a service you did maybe 10 to 15 years ago. Recently, I have listened to the tape many times during my life challenges. Making a consistent connection is a lifelong exercise. Your tape has helped me to reconnect when I was lost in the appearances,…. a lot.

Thank you. I am certain that your message was purposeful and that all things are according God’s plan. I am retiring this year. I am moving back to Michigan. And I look forward to making a greater connection.

It was lovely to here from you.


On Mar 16, 2007, at 12:49 PM, The Unity Church wrote:

Dear W,

My name is Reverend James Sherman and I am the minister of Unity Church Toronto. I received a letter and a cheque in the mail today from a W and a piece of paper that says “….ROCKS!” Was it from you?
If it was, please let me know and thank you very much for your gift.

The Reverend James Sherman
Unity Church Toronto


March 13th, 2007

James and I received a call at the church today from a Native man who has only been in Toronto for five weeks with his family and who lost everything they had in a fire. When he called all the services, agencies and churches; everyone told him he would have to go on an 8 week waiting list for beds which was disheartening to him but he didn’t give up and kept calling and obviously got to the U’s with Unity. He explained to me that they have been sleeping on the floor with only a light blanket each and no pillows. He was told by several organizations that immigrants/refugees would be given assistance first before Native Canadians. I suggested that he call the mayor’s office which he did and they made some calls and helped him to find beds today. James and I took over some bedding, canned foods, clothing, household articles to him and toys for their 4 year old little boy. The father is genuinely handicapped with arthritis but had the happiest disposition for someone going through such tough times. He told us he was so grateful for our help because so many people had turned him down on the phones and he can only get around with Wheel Tran.

He, his wife and little boy will be sleeping on clean, sanitized beds tonight. I was very moved by their courage and strength.

After that, we were visited by our Yoga teacher who had been away since December teaching student teachers Yoga in India. She shared with us the differences between the East and the West and how the bare necessities of the west were missed i.e. toilet paper!!

Then tonight, James and I were invited to the ROM to see the recent Sican burial findings in Peru, 200-400 AD before the Inca. It was amazing. James and I took in everything and thoroughly enjoyed the curator telling the stories that made sense out of the artifacts, the diggings and the history.

James and I talked all the way home about our day. So, in one day, we had the present day Native Prairie Indian of Canada; the ancient Sican spiritual tribe of the past and heard stories of the East Indian ashrams. Quite amazing.

We thank God for the rich Indian tapestry of many cultures and time and feel very blessed.

December 31st, 2006

Thank you for the beautiful and blessed start to my New Year. With much love – Jasmine

December 31st, 2006

Thank you for the wonderful service today – Veta
P.S. The drumming was inspiring

December 31st, 2006

James and Deborah
Thank you for an awesome! start of the year – DRUM 2007
Eleanor – Thank you.

Dear C,

Thank you very much for your presence and participation in our Christmas Candlelighting service. Your own light is unique and special. We are happy to hear that the service touched you so dearly.

God bless you!

Deborah and James

deborah…. i should be thanking you every time i see you, unity has changed my life you can’t emagine how i feel inside its an amazing feeling too be able to feel the way i do, everytime james goes into the meditation prayer i find myself very emotional at that time for some reason . and i also want to thank you and james for making me feel at home when i attend any of the services , my past hastn’t exactly been the greatest for me, but im very positive about alot of things and situations that i encounter through my daily routine. since i have joined unity and have made it my place of prayer and meditation it has made me discover a whole new me and also have a better understanding of the world we live in

thank you so very much james and deborah
Reverend Sherman

I just wanted you to know that I do enjoy your sermons on the sunday mornings that I do attend.

I admire your commitment to your church and the people.

Keep it up.


December 1st 2006

Dear Deborah

Thanks for inviting me to a wonderful evening.

God Bless and Love