Happy New Year!

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Wee Wisdom
Children ages 2-13
Sundays at 11:00 am
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Hospitality & Fellowship Each Sunday following the 11:00 am service.

Birthday Sunday
JANUARY 6, 2019

In Loving Memory of Judy Mynee Seeraj
Sunrise: July 5, 1954
Sunset: Friday, January 11, 2019

9:00 am – 10:00 am Saturday, January 19, 2019
Ogden Funeral Homes
4164 Sheppard Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
M1S 1T3

10:00 am Saturday, January 19, 2019
Ogden Funeral Homes
4164 Sheppard Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
M1S 1T3

St. John’s Norway Crematorium
256 Kingston Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Reverend James Sherman will be officiating the service as per Judy’s request.

4 T Prosperity Program
12 week commitment of time, tithes, talent and treasure.
Materials $85.00
Tuesday Evenings commencing March, 2019 at 7:15 pm
Time: 7:15 to 9:15 pm
Location: 5 Park Home Ave. Unit #128 (McDonald International Academy)
Facilitated by: Mr. Victor Austin

Wednesday & Thursday Classes commence January 10 & 11, 2019

Teacher The Reverend James Sherman
Lesson. Overcoming the Negatives
Place 5 Park Home Ave, Unit #128 (McDonald International Academy MIA)
Wednesday Evening Class Time: 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm
Thursday Afternoon Class Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Affirmations are used in Unity to keep your mind, heart and body on its true path of health, happiness and prosperity. You are invited to saying these affirmations 100 times a day for 30 days and you will begin seeing God`s work in your life. You have 12 powers and the month of January represents the power of “Faith”.
January: Faith
Disciple: Peter
Colour: Dark Blue

• “Faith opens doors of good for me where my human sense may see no doors.”
• “In times of change, I have faith in the unchanging goodness of God.”
• “I “let not my heart be troubled.” I place my faith squarely in God.”
• “My faith is greater than my doubts and fears, for my faith is in God.”
• “Faith is my salvation from pain and sorrow; my anchor in God.”
• “I align my faith with understanding and I see God’s answer in all things.”
• “My faith now causes possibilities of good to become the facts of good in my life.”

The Prayer of Faith
By: Hannah More Kohaus

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of the day.

I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient, kind, and loving too.
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ, the Truth that is in me.

God is my health, I can’t be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and love and Truth are here.