International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace!

God is blessing the hearts, minds and lives of all people.

The Song: “Let There Be Peace On Earth” written by Jill Jackson Miller

“Have you ever been inspired by a song to seek peace?
What life experiences led Jill Jackson Miller to write “Let There be Peace on Earth?”
What does it mean to “let peace begin with me” and how can individuals become messengers of peace?” from

“And when I attempted suicide and I didn’t succeed, I knew for the first time unconditional love–which God is. God is unconditional love. You are totally loved, totally accepted, just the way you are. In that moment I was not allowed to die, and something happened to me which is very difficult to explain. I had an eternal moment of truth, in which I knew I was loved, and knew I was here for a purpose.”

–“Jill Jackson Miller, author of “Let There be Peace on Earth,” describing events in her early life that developed her unique philosophy of Peace.”
“Sy Miller and Jill Jackson had twin daughters who were members of the Youth of Unity (YOU) in Southern California and introduced the song “Let There Be Peace” to Unity at the Annual Youth of Unity Conference at Unity Village in 1956.” (Rev. James Sherman attended this conference in his YOU days – He is now the minister of Unity Church of Truth – Toronto)