Unity: A Quest for Truth
Another gifted Unity minister and author wrote, “Unity today is dedicated to the open mind, to the continuous quest for Truth. It seeks not to tell you what to think, how to define God, what creeds to accept. Unity seeks only to teach you how to think, how to pray – so that you can formulate your own definition of God, experience your own communion with God, and find your own distinctly personal revelation of Truth.” - Eric Butterworth, Unity: a Quest for Truth

For those who are interested in learning and growing
Unity is not so much a “religion” as a “way of life”.

For more than a century, the Unity movement has offered a fresh and powerful approach to spiritual ideas and methods.

Unity respects each individual’s right to find his or her own way in matters of belief. Unity provides good, healthy “food for thought”. Unity is for those who are interested in learning, growing and changing their minds.

Unity’s way of life is solidly based on the principles for living taught by Jesus. In fact, Unity often refers to itself as “practical Christianity”. Unity’s way is positive, constructive and applicable in everyday life.

Life is meant to be good
Unity teaches that life is meant to be good, meaning that we are supposed to experience good health, prosperity, freedom and inner peace. Unity teaches that though we cannot control the ups and downs of the world around us, or the attitudes and behaviors of other people, that we are individually responsible for the character of our own thoughts, feelings, words, attitudes, interpretations, actions and responses.

Jesus helped those who sought help. He healed those who sought healing. He offered spiritual wisdom to those who sought it. Jesus taught that God’s Spirit is directly accessible to those who sincerely and honestly take the necessary steps. It’s a relatively simple process.

If you are a person who thinks deeply about life, then Unity may be for you. If you want your life to change and are willing to change your approach to your own life, then Unity may be for you.

Our web site has been developed to provide information about The Unity Church in Toronto and the Unity movement, as a whole, including links to Unity’s international headquarters (Unity School of Christianity) and to the international Association of Unity Churches.