Unity Church does not have a Food Support Ministry.
However, we know who can help if you or your family is in need of food.

FOODLINK – Foodlink Program Click Here

“FoodLink is a volunteer operated referral service that connects community members with local low-cost food programs. Whether you’re looking for a food bank, Good Food Box stop or community garden, a friendly FoodLink volunteer will give you the information you need.

Please contact them at 416.392.6655 or email them at

email: or call 416.487.3663

Affirmation for Food/Supply: “God is my Source in every need and God works through all people.”

The Prayer of Faith By: Hannah More Kohaus

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of the day.

I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient, kind, and loving too.
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ, the Truth that is in me.

God is my health, I can’t be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and love and Truth are here.