Donating to Our Church


We appreciate your support. Our church is financially supported solely by the donations of those who attend our church for services, classes, activities and events. We thank you in advance for your contributions.

Donate Online

Put your gift to work immediately when you donate online using your credit card through CanadaHelps.Org Donate Now Through!\CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON

Donate by Phone
Call 416-487-3663, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Our customer service associates will be happy to assist you with donations by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Donate by Mail
To donate by mail, please send your gift to:

Mailing Address:
Unity Church of Truth
20070-4865 Leslie St.
North York, ON M2J 2K8
God bless you and thank you for your support!


Want to give a special gift? You may use your debit or credit card in person or by calling 416-487-3663 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30 – 2:30 pm

Want to give when you’re away? You may designate a specific amount to be charged weekly/monthly to a credit card, OR, online through



Want to additionally support a special event? You may purchase an extra ticket for a friend or give it back to the Church to be given to someone else.

Want to make a long-term gift? You can consider including a bequest to our Church in your will.

Want to assist with fundraising? You may donate items as Silent Auction prizes and receive donations-in-kind receipts for them as well as helping the church receive monies.

In Memory of a Loved One: You may consider giving funds towards flowers for our Sunday Services in Memory of your Loved One.

Our Unity ministry in Toronto is solely supported by your individual donations whether they be large or small. Your donations support all aspects of our ministry including but not limited to the following:

our operational costs
our ministry staff
our prayer ministry
our prayer work
our outreach programs
our children’s church

We thank you for your contributions and bless you and those you love.

Tax Tips – Charitable Donations

Unlike business “write-offs” or other tax-saving initiatives, charitable donations qualify for a tax credit rather than a tax deduction. A tax credit directly reduces your tax liability, whereas a tax deduction reduces your income that is subject to tax.

In Canada, your first $200.00 of charitable donations qualifies for a 17 per cent federal tax credit (23.4 per cent federal/provincial combined). After $200, you will get a credit of 29 per cent (36 per cent federal/provincial combined). So, even if you are not interested in donating for altruistic reasons, keep in mind that charitable contributions offer you some significant tax savings (especially after your first $200).

All donations to Unity Church of Truth, Toronto are tax-receipted. If you make donations with us we keep track of your charitable giving and issue you an Charitable Income Tax Receipt. This income tax receipt shows how much you have given weekly, months, quarterly and yearly.

Charitable donations must be made by midnight December 31st to qualify for a credit in that taxation year. However, you can carry-forward donation receipts for up to five years – a useful tip to get you closer to the over-$200 donation amount for the bigger tax credit.
Please be sure to contact your financial advisor should you have detailed or advanced questions about your charitable gifts and how they affect your income tax.

Goods or Services donated to our church entitles you to a “Donation-in-kind” receipt to be applied to your charitable donations at the end of the tax year.
This is a wonderful way to support our ministry and reduce your tax burden. An “in-kind” donation receipt can be given to individuals, businesses or corporations.

Unity Letter Of Appeal 2017

Dear Friends of Unity,

2017 has been a fulfilling year for all of us who gather at Unity Church of Truth. God has blessed our ministry with a very ‘gifted’ teacher, The Reverend James Sherman. We continue to be the recipients of his thoughtful, practical and inspiring lessons. Reverend Sherman has been serving our church now for 43 years and just when you think he cannot deliver a better lesson, he does, time and time again!

We have been the recipients of many other blessings to which we give thanks, including, but not limited to, the following:
• We are grateful for the health, happiness and well-being of our ministry as it continues to serve all who participate in it.
• We are grateful to be holding our Sunday services, Wee Wisdom Children’s Church, 4T Prosperity Program, Hospitality gatherings and Book Sales at the Don Mills Library Auditorium and our weekday classes and coaching sessions at the Fairview Mall Library.
• We give thanks that our wonderful Unity teachings are able to be shared through the internet, on our website, social media and through our Unity Online Broadcasting.
• We appreciate our Volunteers who donate their time and talents with such warm and loving hearts!
• We are grateful for the like-hearted and like-minded people that are part of our Unity Spiritual Family.
• We are grateful for talented musicians that continue to bless our services with their gifts of music and song.
• We continue to enjoy and are ‘thankful’ for beautifully presented Hospitality each week so lovingly and thoughtfully prepared by our Unity Hospitality Ladies.
• We are grateful that our church is a ‘Truth Magnet’ attracting new people to our ministry. We are grateful that we’ve been open hearted and are doing an amazing job welcoming them into our Unity Spiritual family.
• We are grateful that our church is in ‘expansion mode’ filled with life, creative ideas and vitality and wonderful people.
Thank you, God for these blessings and all the blessings that you bestow upon us.

As 2018 approaches, we are taking this moment to make a special appeal to you, for 2017 Year-end Donations. As you know, Unity Church of Truth is a not-for-profit charity and survives and prospers solely through the financial and caring support of its members and attendees.

This year we have a Unity Church of Truth ‘Wish List’ with respect to our Special Donation Request as follows:
1). Wee Wisdom Children’s Church requires financial support for weekly snacks, Christmas and Birthday gifts, books, supplies, DVD’s and a new bulb for our projector
2). Unity Broadcasting – donations towards a Video recorder to video tape sermons/classes
3). Unity Book Table – financial support towards stocking our Book Table with books
4). Hospitality – for supplies i.e. payment towards purchasing Coffee for a month or year!

That being said, we wish to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you!’ for your contributions, in all ways, to date!
Too quickly, the happiness of our Christmas time festivities fades away leaving a warm memory and smile upon our faces and the reality of our practical annual “tax season” will come into focus. Although any time is a great time to donate, the end of the year brings the added bonus of a quick return on your investment in the form of a tax deductible charitable receipt, while financially supporting our church.

Thank you for taking your time to consider making a special 2017 Christmas time ‘Year End Donation’, to Unity Church of Truth. Please know that we love you and appreciate all that you regularly and generously give through your service and financial contributions and for any extra-special gift, that you can give now!
Donations to Unity Church of Truth can be made in the following ways:
• In person, via envelop or debit machine during Sunday Service/Class
• Canada Post addressed to: Unity Church of Truth 20070-4865 Leslie St., North York, ON M2J 2K8
• Unity, CanadaHelps

God loves you and we love you too! Make your Christmas time a sacred renewal of your Christ consciousness within, while expressing God’s goodness without! Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Prosperous and most importantly, Be You! Be your magnificent, unique and beautiful you!

God’s richest and abundant blessings to you and yours!
Deborah per The Unity Church of Truth Board of Directors